Your Encouragement

Your-encouragement-mayCan you think back to the time when you first had feelings for someone? It doesn’t have to be your first love. It could be anyone that you found interesting if even just for a short time.

When we first meet someone for the first time we usually haven’t had enough time to form an opinion about them, but if they show an interest in us and cause us to feel good about ourselves, there’s a good chance that the next time we see that person, we’ll feel a sense of excitement about them.

Now in the example above, I kind of used a scenario that could evolve into a romantic one, however, did you know that we actually can have this kind of an effect on all of our relationships?

Think about your best friend and tell me what feelings you have if he or she suddenly appears somewhere unexpectedly. Are those feeling positive or negative? I suspect their positive because this is someone that you care about and well… like!

Now think about the reverse. What if you’re somewhere having a great time and someone that you dislike shows up unexpectedly? I’m sure you know what I mean. I’m talking about the kind of person that can brighten a whole room just by walking out of it. LOL

Now what kind of feelings would you get?

People react to us and we to them based on how they’ve made us feel in the past. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is a romantic one or not. Your best friend, your sister, your brother or your neighbor we all form opinions and feelings about each other and encouragement is one of the things that can really take all of our relationships to a new level.

I try to keep this in mind but there’s one caveat I have for you. If you compliment someone, you must make sure that your compliment is a sincere one. I always like to back it up with an example.

For instance, if I say “John you really sounded terrific when you sang that song. I really liked that part where you slowed down and the instruments dropped out.” Do you see what I mean? Find a specific reason why your compliment is true.

Don Pasco

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