The Moment You Asked…

He Forgave YouThe moment you asked God for forgiveness, He forgave you. And the good news is, He didn’t cancel your destiny.

Be open to change, knowing that God has something better in front of you. New levels of favor are in your future.

God says not only will you get out of debt, you will lend and not borrow.

God is preparing you for greater things, so don’t be surprised when He asks you to think better of yourself and act accordingly.

Remember, you’re working to please God not people. God is keeping the records. Keep sowing blessings and you will reap blessings.

Dare to trust God. He has never once failed before, and the good news is that He is not about to start now. God has you in the palm of His hand.

Your destiny is not cancelled because of a mistake or failure. God is so good; He will always give you another chance.

God has a solution for any problem. Let us know what you are declaring!

Don’t settle for mediocrity when God has put greatness in you. “Like” if you agree!

Don’t live to please people. Live to please God.

God will use the obstacles in your path, the stumbling blocks that would hold you back, as stepping stones instead. He will use them to take you to a higher level.


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