Even When You Don’t Understand

Trusting-GodThe longer I live, the more it seems to me that the purpose of life is learning to trust God. As I look around and observe others that I share the planet with, I sometimes think my faith is at least a little above average, though I know there are many others that exceed my level.

I often think about Abraham and his obedience to God when he was commanded to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Do you have a son? Could you obey God if He commanded you to sacrifice him as a burnt offering? I’ve often thought about this because I DO have a son and I can’t imagine myself being as faithful as Abraham. I guess I still have a long way to grow.

I’m sure that Abraham did not understand God’s plan that day. He had already been told by God that he would be a Father of many nations and yet here he was, being told to offer up the son that God had promised him so many years before. Yes, Abraham was a man of great faith. Abraham passed the test.

You and I may not be where Abraham was in his walk of faith, but we have to pass the tests God gives to us too. So when you and I are faced with our challenges, perhaps remembering the test that confronted Abraham, will help us to trust in the Lord even when “we” don’t understand.

Don Pasco


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