Destiny to Fulfill

Destiny-to-FulfillDo people ever make you feel inferior or incompetent or worthless? I’ve discovered that the people that mistreat us the most, are really the ones that are most insecure about themselves.

Many years ago I read a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that stuck with me. Perhaps that’s because I’ve heard it so many times since then. It goes like this:

“No one can make you “feel” inferior without your permission.”

When I first read it, I gave it some serious thought and realized just how true it was. Interestingly, over the years I have not only come to appreciate it more, but also to realize that the word “inferior” can be replaced with virtually any other feeling.

Think about it. Say to yourself “No one can make me feel incompetent, worthless, insecure, valuable, loving, caring, thoughtful, considerate without my permission.” Isn’t this true?

The reason I bring this up is because as Joel explained in one of his sermons:

When people try to discount you, or write you off, the One who matters most, the great “I Am”, writes you in.

And as the quote states, He didn’t create you to be average, to be ordinary. Joel goes on to say: God has an assignment for you to accomplish. You may have some flaws and weaknesses. We all do. But that didn’t cancel your destiny.

You need to get ready. This is a new day. You’re about to see new doors begin to open. What God Spoke over your life will come to pass.

Thanks Joel!

Don Pasco

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