Believe For Things That Are So Big, You’ll Know…

Big-ThingsWe should pray for things that stretch our faith. If you can accomplish all your goals, your dreams in your own ability, in your own strength, you don’t really need God’s help. You need to believe for things that are so big, you know it’s going to take God’s favor. It’s going to take God’s blessing or they’ll never come to pass.

God said in Psalm 2:8 Ask of me and I will give you the nations…
God’s saying, ask me for Big things. Pray bold prayers.

Dare to say, God help me to not only own my home free and clear, but one day help me to be able to buy somebody else a new home. Our mind thinks, impossible! Joel that could never happen for me. Do you know where I work? No, When you believe, all things are possible.

How ’bout this? God help me to give away each year more than my income is right now.
Well Joel, now you’re getting far out. Listen, we serve a far out God. He has something big in your future.

I want you to get your hopes up. Go out each day expecting God to do something big in your life.

If you would of told me 12 years ago that one day I’d me a minister, and we would be having services in the former Compaq Center where the Rockets use to play, I would of said, “You’re far out.” But now I realize that’s the way God is. And if you will honor him with your life and dare to believe for big things, one day you’ll look back and say with me, “God you’ve out done yourself. You’ve amazed me with your goodness.”

      ~Joel Osteen

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