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My name is Don Pasco and I am a very passionate Joel Osteen fan.

After all, who would create a website (this one), a facebook fan page, a pinterest page and multiple books and ebooks about him if they were not passionate about his messages?

I love Joel Osteen and I hope you do too!

If so, I believe that you will find some valuable content right here on this site.

Let’s get one thing clear right out of the gate. Jesus is my Lord and Savior just as He is Joel’s… and absolutely no one will ever change that, no matter how much passion I have for another human being.

I love Joel as a Pastor, a minister, a person and I’m quite sure that if our lives would ever overlap, we would be great friends.

However, the words and quotes of Jesus will always supercede any and all of Joel’s quotes and I’m 100% sure that Joel would be just fine with that!

To go to the Joel Osteen Quotes category page simply click this link:

Joel Osteen Quotes

But Wait!

Granted, there are some awesome quotes there so if you haven’t seen them yet, I hope you’ll check them out and please don’t hesitate to leave comments.

However, before you do that…

if you think you know everything about Joel Osteen… or if you don’t know anything about him at all and are interested in learning more, I think you will not only enjoy this, but I’m quite certain that you will learn something about him that you didn’t know before. Click this link –> Who is Joel Osteen?

Please come back often to see what’s going on. You may want to bookmark the site now in case you forget the URL.

Thanks for stopping by.

Don Pasco


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